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Deluxe 240 Volt Hook Up Kit - £150

A complete kit designed to be a self installation system, so you can hook your van up when on a campsite. This complete kit is based on what we normally install at our workshop and has be designed and pulled together based on our practical expertise and knowledge of VW camper-vans.

This easy install D.I.Y kit has been designed to meet the current legislation which was revised in July 2014. The integral RCD and twin MCD consumer unit is IP55 insulated, and houses a 25Amp 30ma breaker together with a 10 Amp and 6 Amp MCB.

10 Amp MCB should be used to wire in two of the twin sockets that can be used for the majority of appliances. The 6 Amp MCB should be used to wire in one twin socket - for use with the fridge and water pump, and the single socket (for connecting a trickle charger to charge the leisure battery when you are connected to the 240V hook up.

The surface mounted socket is mounted externally under the camper-van near the jacking point or in the engine bay if preferred. This is connected by the arctic cable to the consumer unit RCD. The 1.5mm flexible cable is fed from the MCB's to the sockets provided.

The kit comes with detailed instructions and all of the fittings and clips necessary to install the system easily and safely.

Deluxe 240 Volt Hook Up Kit Includes: Only £150.00 delivered.

  • Consumer Unit
  • 25A RCD
  • 16A & 6A MCB
  • Surface mount hook up
  • 3 x Twin Sockets
  • 1 x Single Sockets
  • Back Boxes
  • 2.5M - 2.5mm Arctic Cable
  • 10M - 1.5mm Flexi Cable
  • 1M - 1.5mm Earth Cable
  • Fitting Kit screws and P clips
  • Full Instructions.

To view a copy of our fitting instructions - click here