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Battery Isolator Switch

After years of driving around in my splitscreen and being paranoid whenever I left it in a new town or car park, we have come up with a simple effective way to help reduce the risk of some git taking a liking to your van and driving off with it, while you are out and about. Camper vans are not designed for security, and getting into them via the window does not take many minutes. This system will prevent them driving off with your van.

The system is designed to reduce opportunistic theft, most days on Facebook I hear about another van going missing, and it has made me paranoid and I needed a system that did not involve me carrying the rotor arm around with me.

The battery isolator switch should be located discreetly in the engine bay, when you park up you remove the key in the switch and this disconnects the battery so your van will not start unless the key is replaced. It is a simple cost effective way of adding security to your van.

It can also be used when you store your van up for winter isolating the battery without needing to remove it.

The battery isolator switch comes with the battery isolator, stainless steel mounting plate, 2 x 0.5 metres battery cables connected with terminal and ring fittings, along with full instructions.

Click to view fitting instructions - Battery Isolator Fitting Instructions.

Battery Isolator Kit - £34.00 including delivery to UK mainland by courier.

To purchase please visit our shop page

If you would like advise about locating the isolator terminal in your engine bay please send a picture of the engine bay to [email protected] and we would be happy to help.